Who are the Sierra Vista Freethinkers

About: We are a local group made up of diverse freethinkers, mostly non-theists, who congregate
for discussion, volunteering, educational, and social events.

Mission: Sierra Vista Freethinkers is an Arizona based organization advocating the advancement of secular values and supporting a community of individuals dedicated to these ideals. By encouraging critical inquiry and discussion, this group seeks to foster the use of logic and reason above dogma while promoting the separation of church and state and education based on empirical evidence.

Membership: Anyone that considers themselves a freethinker*, and can adhere to the group's rules can be a member.  Members can choose to be more involved with the group by offering to volunteer for various activities or by hosting an event.


Affiliations: Sky Island UU and Secular Coalition for Arizona


*A freethinker is one who forms their beliefs based on reason and science, and not on religion, authority, or tradition.  The word freethinker does not mean people who are accepting of all viewpoints or open-minded, nor does it mean people who are politically in the Libertarian camp or Liberal leaning, etc, nor does it mean atheist. Some people here pride themselves on being accepting of all viewpoints, and some people here are in fact Libertarians, and some people here do not call themselves atheists – because those things do not describe all of us and are not what the word freethinker means.

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